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How Alimony Makes a Mockery of Equal Division of Marital Assets

Most states have divorce laws which call for the approximate equal distribution of marital assets.  For those who are sentenced to payment of alimony, their share of the assets turns out to be totally bogus.  If a marital estate is worth $200,000 and one spouse is forced to pay the other $2,000 per month in alimony, the payor has exhausted his/her $100,000 of the marital estate in 4 years and 2 months, whereas the alimony recipient has doubled his/her proceeds in that same timeframe, resulting in receiving the entire marital estate.  Is it really fair that one spouse gets everything, and the other gets nothing?  For those paying long term alimony, they actually receive a negative return on the marital estate.
This must stop!  Calculate your share here.


Survey Average Alimony Payer Spouse
Amount Received 238,547.34 868,005.60
Percent Received 21.56 78.44
Cohabitation Rate of Spouses 58.82

Because most ex-spouses will lose alimony if they remarry, they choose to cohabitate rather than remarry. 
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